Langoat Church

Langoat is a very attractive village located at the head of the Jaudy estuary close to the beaches of the Côtes d'Armor. The centre of the village is dominated by a large granite church and on the main street 'Place de L'Eglise' you will find a grocers, a fantastic boulangerie, hairdressers and bar/tabac. Although the village has a population of just 1000 it has all of the shops you will need to make your stay comfortable, larger supermarkets can be found just five minutes away in Terguier.

To the rear of the main church in the village lies the 'Terrain de Sport' here you will find the local football park as well as tennis courts.

Etangs de Milin Seazh

As you enter the village along the banks of the river Jaudy you wil pass a park with two fishing lakes called 'Etangs de Milin Seazh', to fish here you will require a permit which is available from the Marie (town hall) in the center of the village. You will also find excellent fishing in the river Jaudy both above & below the weir, at La Roche Derrien.